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How a no-deal Brexit will affect Irish Motorists

If a no deal Brexit takes place, anyone who drives their Irish-registered motor vehicle in Northern Ireland, or other parts of the UK, will be required to demonstrate to law enforcement agencies that they have valid motor insurance. This can be done through an internationally recognised insurance document called a ‘Green Card’.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit on March 29th, any motorist planning on driving their Irish registered vehicle in Northern Ireland, or other parts of the UK, is advised to ensure they have a Green Card, or you could be subjected to penalties.

UK Licences being used in the Republic of Ireland

  • In the event of a no-deal Brexit, another factor to be aware of is the use of UK licences in the Republic of Ireland. All UK Licences will be invalid in the Republic of Ireland for Irish residents. UK licence holders who are resident in the Republic of Ireland will need to apply for a Full Irish Licence (as a learner driver) and go through the application process.

Implications of a no-deal Brexit

  • If there is a no-deal Brexit and the licence is not swopped over to an Irish licence by 29th of March 2019 there will be implications. These implications may include a rise in your car insurance premium as the Driver would be considered a ‘learner’ driver with a provisional Irish licence. Holders of provisional Irish licences are required to have a full Irish/EU licenced driver with them at all times and if they do not adhere to this they could be fined and penalty points be put on their licence. This, in turn, could impact potential employment should a full licence be a requirement for a position.

We would advise anyone with a UK licence currently residing in Ireland to exchange their licence now, in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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