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Preparing for your Driving Test

Here at BJP we know sitting your driving test can be daunting and many people let the nerves get the better of them on the day. Here’s a list of hints and tips to help reduce the stress in the lead up to your driving test.

Booking your test

Completion of the 12 EDT lessons doesn’t mean you have to take your test straight away. It’s important to feel confident in your own driving before booking your test. There is no pressure to sit your test straight away, wait until you feel you are 100% ready.

Avoid announcing it

Telling as little people as possible can help reduce the pressure you may feel. If you don’t pass your test and you haven’t told that many people then most won’t know the difference. If you announce to a number of people that you are sitting your test you’ll feel huge amounts of pressure to pass, but also a lot worse having to announce you failed to so many people as opposed to keeping it to yourself.

Confidence is key 

Believing in yourself and having the confidence that you will pass your test will hugely benefit you on the day. If you are overcome by the nerves on the day it’s not the end of the world but just remember once you start believing in yourself anything is possible – even passing the first time!

Practice makes perfect

We mentioned above how important it is to be sure when booking your driving test that you are 100% prepared. Once all EDT lessons are complete, it can be a good idea to take a mock test with the same instructor. This will allow you to practice the skills that you’ve learned throughout your lessons without the instructions of your instructor, it will also give you an idea of what you’re facing once you sit the real test.

Once you have completed your lessons and feel you have done enough mock tests then at this point you are ready to sit your driving test. On the day, pretend the real test is just the same as all of the mock tests you’ve done and this will help you to feel confident because you have done this before. Stay calm, give yourself time, do not panic and remember the examiner is not your enemy!

Whether you are a learner driver or you’ve recently passed your driving test and you’re looking for Car Insurance be sure to give out New Business team a call on 01 6674985, email info@bjp.ie or fill in our quote form here.