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The ‘New Norm’ – Gym Edition

The gym and fitness industry has been significantly impacted by the global COVID19 pandemic. The good news is that we are starting to see an easing of restrictions across the globe and in turn gyms are starting to re-open with social distancing and hygiene measures in place. All businesses have been forced to adapt, and we have seen some creative measures imposed by our gym insurance clients which we have decided to share;

  1. Hand sanitiser stations available upon entry to the gym facility.
  2. Installation of self-scanning temperature checks upon arrival for members and guests.
  3. Complimentary masks for members to use whilst training in the gym.
  4. Traffic light systems in operation throughout the gym facility.
  5. Installation of glass partitions between certain exercise equipment.
  6. Drive towards BYOK (bring your own kit), with an emphasis placed upon resistance and cardio training via resistance bands and skipping ropes.
  7. Routine disinfectant procedures consisting of full gym clean downs at least twice a day.
  8. Closure of locker rooms and showering facilities for the foreseeable future with restricted use to male and female toilet facilities.
  9. The requirement for members to use indoor specific footwear when inside the gym facility.
  10. Increased integration of online and outdoor classes with monthly membership subscription packages.

BJP Insurance Outlook

As a gym insurance broker operating in the Irish market we expect to see an expansion in this sector over the next 12 – 18 months. The COVID19 outbreak has definitely shocked a number of people into putting a greater emphasis on their physical and mental health.

The landscape has to change and we would envisage the new hybrid model of gyms offering a mix of physical and online classes to cater to the WFH demographic. With all of these new changes to the traditional business model, it is very important as a gym owner to make sure that you have a gym insurance policy that adequately covers you. If you find yourself operating outside of the ‘norm’ offering online or outdoor classes it is important that your insurer are made aware.

Stay Safe