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AXA Taxi Insurance Refunds

Will AXA be providing their motor insurance customers with an insurance refund as a result of Covid-19?

Yes. AXA is happy to confirm that we will be making a payment to our hundreds of thousands of motor insurance customers in the Republic of Ireland in recognition of the reduction in the level of motor claims experienced as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. This is the first such initiative ever undertaken in the motor insurance market in Ireland and it will see AXA return millions of euros to our customers.

Who is eligible for this payment?

All of AXA’s car, motorcycle, light commercial vehicle and taxi insurance customers on cover with us on 29th April will receive a refund. This includes customers who are insured with us directly and through a broker.

How much of a refund should my motor customers expect?

Private car, motorcycle, light commercial vehicle and taxi insurance customers can expect to receive a payment of €30 per policy.

How will the refund payment work?

The refund will be a once-off payment by cheque to customers.

When should my customers expect their refund?

Payments will be made to your customers starting from 13th of June on a staggered basis. We expect all payments to have been issued by the end of June.

What do I do if a customer has a query/issue with cheque payment made through this once off payment?

You can contact us on 01-8583470 if you have not received the cheque or have any other queries.

How much will this cost AXA?

AXA is refunding approximately €20m to motor customers. This is the largest total payment amount of any Insurer in the Irish market. The reward has been calculated based on expected claims savings from reduced usage of vehicles.

I have more than one policy with AXA, will I receive a payment for each of them?

Yes, a €30 payment will be made for each Private Car, Van, Taxi and Motorcycle live policy you held with AXA on 29th April 2020.