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Trouble getting insurance for an older vehicle?

Here at BJP Insurance Brokers, we know many people have trouble getting insurance for an older vehicle. Luckily, we have an extensive market of insurers to choose from depending on the needs of each individual client, when it comes to older vehicles we have a number of insurers who will offer quotes but there are certain acceptance criteria that must be met – these will be addressed below.

Age of Vehicle

We can get quotations for vehicles up to 20 years old and sometimes at a push 21 years old so now in 2020 that would be 99 and 00 vehicles. Some previous blogs have not specified the age limit and we find Drivers with 25 – 30-year-old vehicles ringing us for a quote but this is not something we have a market for.

Driver’s details

Although we can obtain insurance quotes for vehicles up to 20/21 years old it does not mean every Driver will automatically get a quotation. Usually, a Driver over the age of 30 with a full clean licence and a full no claims bonus will have a chance of obtaining a quotation, Drivers under 25 years old with little to no experience would be best off looking at a vehicle 15 years or younger.

We know it’s frustrating for those who have an older vehicle that has passed the NCT year after year with flying colours but find themselves paying higher premiums year on year.  We do not disagree the vehicle may be in immaculate condition and be very well looked after but there are a couple of reasons why it may cost more to insure an older vehicle than it would be a newer vehicle:

  1. The older the vehicle the more expensive the replacement parts may be because the parts may be different from those used on newer models.
  2. If the parts are harder to come by this makes certain vehicles a target for Car Thieves to steal the parts and sell them on. We’ve seen an increase in the theft of catalytic converters for this very reason.

If you have had trouble getting insurance for an older vehicle and have spent hours on the phone trying to find an affordable insurance quotation, it might be worth your while making one last phone call. Don’t delay call the insurance people today 01-6674985 or fill in the quote form on the front page of this website.