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Gym Insurance COVID edition

Our specialist gym insurance package has been designed to protect gyms and fitness clubs of all sizes, while providing excellent value for money. We can cater for all types of facilities, so whether you are a small, independent gym or a lager multi chain facility, we have an insurance policy for you.

Tips to consider:

We have some helpful tips for gym owners that are opening back up their training facility after the lockdown period. It is really important as a gym owner to minimize the levels of risk within your facility.

  1. Always make sure your gym equipment is well maintained and servicing of equipment is documented.
  2. Assess your members to ensure they’re able to carry out designated activities.
  3. Make sure you have client documentation stored in a safe and secure format, this information can be very useful in the claim defence process.
  4. Make sure you your staff and designated employees have certifications and first-aid qualifications up to date. In some cases instructors will have their own insurance policies in place, these should also be checked.
  5. Make sure that your gym floor is supervised at all times, this will protect members who may on occasion struggle lifting equipment.

We understand and appreciate the difficulty that gym owners have experienced over the last 9 months. We huge uncertainty heading into 2021 the most important piece of advice that we could give any gym owner would be;

‘Check options under your gym insurance policy if you are forced to close again’

It is very important you know where you stand, can you reduce cover? Can you pause your monthly direct debits? Does your policy cover you for outdoor exercise classes? Are you covered to conduct online classes?

All of the above questions should be considered before entering into a 12 month gym insurance policy. If you wish to discuss a gym insurance quotation please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01 6674985.