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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles – Taxi edition

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular across the globe, manufacturers are claiming a revolution in battery technology, which could see electric cars become up to 50% cheaper to buy and as easy to fill up as diesel or petrol with a wide broadening of charging networks.

Leading car manufacturer Volkswagen are also predicting the solid-state batteries will reduce the time to charge these electric vehicles compared to the current lithium ion batteries, which will also be a big benefit to taxi drivers, using these vehicles.

As Taxis cover a much higher amount of miles per annum than a private car they are seen as a crucial player in the fight against climate change. The government are pushing to have all Taxis changed over to electric vehicles over the next 9 years. As an incentive, there are significant financial supports for anyone wanting to purchase an electric car for use as a taxi. For a new car (and any car up to three months old qualifies) receives a €10,000 SPSV (Small Public Service Vehicle) grant. For second hand cars the grant reduces down to a minimum of €6,000 for a vehicle up to four years old.

If the car is wheelchair accessible, then the maximum grant rises to €12,500 while for plugin-hybrid vehicles there is a maximum €5,000 grant.

There hasn’t been much positive news the past twelve months (especially financially) but this will be well received news to taxi drivers after a tough year and few months ahead when our economy finally reopens.

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