Accidental damage is an optional extra that can be added on to a home insurance policy at an extra cost. This extra can be added on to both the buildings & contents section of Home Insurance policy.

Whether you currently have home insurance and it’s due for renewal or you’re looking to purchase home insurance for the first time it’s important to know exactly what is covered and what is not covered.

Accidental Damage covers events that aren’t covered by the usual perils of fire, theft, flood etc. Essentially, it covers most acts of negligence to the building or its contents. For example, putting a foot through the ceiling whilst in the attic above would fall under accidental damage to the building. Spilling a glass of red wine on cream carpet would fall under accidental damage to the contents.

It’s important to check exactly what is covered under accidental damage. It should be noted that in some cases if you have accidental damage cover for your building it doesn’t necessarily mean you have accidental damage cover for your contents so it’s vital this is checked before proceeding with cover.

Although you can’t always pre-empt every eventuality in the home you should at least consider including accidental damage with your home and contents cover. This cover is particularly relevant for those who have children or enjoy doing a bit of DIY now and again.

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