This is an optional extra that can be added to any contents insurance policy for both homeowners and renters. All risks cover covers certain items for loss, damage or theft when they’re taken outside of the home. Most all risks cover will extend outside ROI but the length of cover and country can vary depending on the Insurer.

Under the all risks category there are two types of cover available, these are specified and unspecified all risks. Both types of cover are explained in further detail below.

Specified all risks

Typically jewellery (rings, necklaces), laptops, hearing aids and bicycles are the kinds of items that would be covered under this section. A valuation will need to be provided if the item is over a specific amount but this amount can vary depending on the insurer. If an item requires a valuation it must come from a bona fide jeweller, must be dated within the last 24 months and the currency must be in euros.

It’s important to note that bicycles and laptops must be specified on any home insurance policy regardless of their value. Any items that you have chosen to specify on your policy will be noted on the policy schedule along with their description and value.

Unspecified all risks

This cover allows you to take certain items such as jewellery, watches and handbags outside of the home without specifying them individually. In most cases, the individual items cannot be valued over €1,000 but this all depends on the insurer.

The total amount of all items will appear on the policy schedule without the exact details being noted, for example, a handbag worth €900, a watch worth €500 and a bracelet worth €750 would appear under the ‘unspecified items’ as €2,150.

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