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At Brian J Pierce Ltd, we appreciate that no two businesses are the same and offer tailored business insurance packages to suit the specific needs of each of our clients.

We provide commercial insurance for all types and sizes of businesses. As different businesses face different types of risks, we provide bespoke packages to ensure that each business is receiving the adequate cover at a cost that’s affordable.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our client’s needs, ensuring that they receive the business insurance package that’s fully in sync with their specific requirements.

Contact us today to speak with a member of our business insurance team or to arrange a consultation.

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Commercial Combined
Public Liability
Professional Indemnity
Employer Liability
Public Liability - Members of the public can suffer accidents on your premises, or at locations that you have responsibility for. If it’s alleged that you did not take proper precautions to prevent an accident, your organisation could face a substantial damages claim. Public Liability Insurance protects you from the cost of such a claim. Having a proper policy in place ensures that, whatever happens, a damages claim from a member of the public will not put you out of business. In many cases You will often need to have Public Liability Insurance to accept certain contracts or gain planning permission. Contact our team today.
Professional Indemnity - Every organisation strives to serve its customers in the best possible fashion, whether these are businesses or members of the public. Sometimes, however, things go wrong. Professional Indemnity Insurance helps manage the cost of resolving claims of professional negligence. For some industries, having Professional Indemnity Insurance is a legal requirement. For any organisation, however, it offers valuable peace of mind – both for its owners and potential customers. Contact our team today.
Employer Liability - Your employees can suffer a number of accidents or illnesses from their work. When this happens, your business may be liable for substantial compensation claims. Employers Liability Insurance allows you to meet the cost of claims from current or former employees. It offers peace of mind that an accident in work or an illness suffered by an employee need not cripple your business. Contact our team today.
Commercial Combined - Combining all your varied insurance needs in one package is the most cost-effective way to protect your organisation. Tailored packages can include cover for public and employer’s liability, stock, key employees, professional indemnity and many more items. We have been successfully tailoring commercial combined insurance packages for a huge range of businesses and organisations in Ireland since 1979. Contact our team today.