It’s hard to believe that its five years since nearly 75,000 drivers were left without cover when Setanta went bust. April is renewal time for a lot of these Policyholders and here at BJP, we have extremely competitive commercial rates. So if you’re due for renewal or looking for commercial vehicle insurance, look no further.

Below are a few key points to consider when shopping for commercial insurance for your vehicle.

What will the vehicle be used for?

In most cases, commercial insurance is only offered if the vehicle is to be used in conjunction with an occupation. If the vehicle is being used for social, domestic & pleasure purposes it will be hard to get cover as insurance companies have clamped down on what they will and will not accept. We have a number of different insurers offering different levels of cover depending on your personal needs, these policies can be used for the carriage of own goods and the carriage of own goods for hire or reward.

What weight is the vehicle?

It’s important to know what weight category the vehicle falls into, usually Vans, Trucks, Lorries etc. are measured in tonnes. Some insurance providers will have specific rates depending on the size of the vehicle.

Have you got more than one vehicle?

If you have more than one commercial vehicle you may be able to arrange a fleet policy. Typically, fleet policies are offered to fleets of five or more vehicles but here at BJP, we have a market for fleet policies containing a minimum of three vehicles. Fleet policies can be tailored to suit your own particular business requirements so chat to us today about fleet insurance.

If you’re due for renewal or you’re looking to take out commercial vehicle insurance please give our dedicated team a call today on 01 667 4985 or fill out our quick and easy quote form here.