Fitness Instructor Insurance

Unfortunately, we live in a claims driven environment and have seen the number of insurance claims increase. In the leisure industry in particular over the last 12 -18 months there has been a significant rise in claims. We have also seen circumstances where many don’t have fitness instructor insurance policies in place.

A lot of instructors were under the impression that they were covered by the gym/studio’s insurance policy in which they teach, however that isn’t the case.

For many fitness instructors, their teaching stems from a place of passion and love for their designated activity. So they may not consider many of the financial risks associated with the business side of things. An injury or incident during one of your classes could leave you facing a hefty bill.

Benefits of having instructor insurance

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of the benefits of having an instructor insurance policy in place;

A class participant trips over a piece of equipment lying around on the gym/studio flood. The individual is badly injured and decides to sue you as the fitness instructor for negligence. If an insurance policy is not in place you could be liable for damages along with a compensation payment. In the best case scenario, where you aren’t found to be negligent, you still face the costly legal fees for defending your business.

Instructor insurance policies are normally written on a freelance basis so you’re covered to instruct in a number of facilities not confined to a particular gym/studio. These policies also give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered should an incident occur.

As with all insurance policies they come with certain policy conditions which have to be met for a claim to be paid out. It is very important for instructions with policies in place to be familiar with these conditions. Typically these conditions relate to individual screening and having the individual disclose any previous injuries or medical conditions. It is vitally important to have this information stored in a safe and convenient location so it can be retrieved if required by the insurance company.

Beyond injuries, liability insurance also helps with situations in which damage is caused to third-party property and they claim compensation. Perhaps you accidentally cause damage to valuable personal equipment belonging to a student. Or a fire breaks out in the changing room destroying customers’ personal possessions.

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