Financial Services

Mortgage Protection

In most cases, mortgage protection is a legal requirement. Even if there are exceptions to this legal requirement, the lender will typically insist on the cover. BJP Financial services can get you the best quality cover at the most competitive cost.

Remember, you are not obliged to deal with the bank who gives you the loan. Shop around and get the most competitive cover because small monthly savings over the lifetime of a mortgage cause equate to a big saving.

Life Insurance

With life insurance, you can make sure your family is protected even if the worst happens to you. It makes sense to take precautions against the financial impact of your death.

At BJP Financial Services will help you assess your need for life insurance cover. This will depend on your age, family circumstances and lifestyle. Typically you will want your mortgage and any loans cleared. You may wish to provide a fund for burial and allow your surviving partner to take time off work. You may also want to replace your income for a time while your children are dependent.


Forget about all of the fancy jargon, a Pension is effectively a long term savings contract and remains the only tax efficient way of saving money.  If you have come this far you typically fall into one of the below categories;

  • You have a pension but don't understand exactly what is it?
  • You have started to plan retirement and realise that you don't have a pension?
  • You have not been able to contribute to a Pension for financial reasons?
  • You are young and want to begin saving for retirement early?
  • You are approaching retirement and want to understand your benefits?

Unfortunately external factors don't help with retirement either, individuals are now living longer and healthier lifestyles, the state pension age has increased to 68, individual contribution levels are lower yet their retirement expectations remain the same.


We have all come to learn that there is no such thing as a risk free investment. In the current economic climate holding money in cash isn’t always the best option as rising inflation can cause your purchasing power to decrease.  At BJP Financial Services we aim to deliver expert independent advice on the key decisions regarding investments helping you beat the inflation trap and show a steady return. The most important part of investment advice is assessing a client's attitude to risk and from here matching his/her risk profile to the most suitable investments.

We can advise you on a wide variety of investment products whether it is a once off investment, saving for your children's education or building a portfolio we will deliver an independent personalised plan to suit your needs and requirements.

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